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Honest. Powerful. Dynamic: ELYXIR is a new voice in the 80s Retrowave scene.


ELYXIR is bringing a fresh new slice of 80s drama into the Retrowave and Synthwave scene. ELYXIR makes the melodic world her playground, bouncing from one hooky melody to the next and infecting every listener with an incurable case of the bops. Don't be fooled though- despite delivering a lavish and decadent taste of soaring vocals and infectious earworms, ELYXIR cuts deep on a lyrical level, exploring territory from a wide range of honest and brutal perspectives. No topic or conversation is off limits in ELYXIR's world of storytelling.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia- ELYXIR has grown up devouring a wide range of music, and working professionally as a topliner for half a decade for other artists. Venturing onto her own as a fully formed artist, her debut single Mother Mania with UK producer Neilio released on 28 July 2021 to rave reviews. The rocky uptempo number with slick guitars and ferociously powerful vocals and storytelling helped put ELYXIR on the map.


Her other 2021 singles Feels Like Magic, released on 29 Sep with Sandor Gavin and a remix from Horizons1982 and Your Loss with Zak Vortex, have cemented ELYXIR as a vocalist and songwriter to watch. 2022 brings new releases with CONNÖR, Neilio, VVMPYRE and others, as well as a guest vocal spot at LaserHighway in Melbournes CBD, performing alongside synthwave alumni GRYFF in March.


Stylistically sitting beautifully alongside Synthwave and Retrowave alumni such as PRIZM, Megan McDuffee and Jessie Frye, ELYXIR is exhilarated to join the incredible community of female synthwave and retrowave artists and is releasing an album at the end of 2022. 

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